Harness the Drilformance Technological Advantage

Drilformance PDC's drive up performance and get to TD in the shortest possible time. Drilformance has achieved these advances by combining proprietary PDC cutter technology with optimized, multi-interface bit design, all in a compact, armored steel unibody.

Directional Control and Versatility

The compact Unibody, flat profile, and cutter layout enables smooth, consistent, reactive torque enabling excellent directional responsiveness and steerability. Drilformance PDC drill bits are the perfect directional bit choice. Our aim is to deliver aggressive rock destruction and maximized usability for the driller, so Drilformance keeps you out of trouble. It is able to take a beating and does not insist on maintaining a narrow range of WOB or RPM, allowing you to rest easy. Don't let the formation dictate when you trip - Drilformance puts You in control.

Superior R.O.P

Engineered specifically to engage a range of formations and accelerate R.O.P, our Drilformane line of PDC drill bits consistently outperform the competition. 

Which Bit is Right for you?

Drilformance PDC drill bits are a unique synthesis of speed and durability. Through proprietary technologies these bits are capable of achieving exceptional performance in a range of drilling applications. The force balanced Heli Path™ stability system ensures that the Cryo Edge™ cutters remain engaged.