VPulse Technology

Offering industry leading reliabilty with the advantages of high speed decoding and reduced non-productive time. The VPulse MWD is proven to be an industry leader in operational efficiency and excellence.

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  • Pulser

    • Poppet driven by high efficiency brushless DC motor
    • Advanced power supply minimizes motor impact on battery voltage
    • Integrated memory logging collects detailed view of all motor, communication and environmental events down-hole
    • High tolerance to LCM
  • Gamma

    • Sensitivity of ~ .85 Counts/API
    • Accuracy is within +/- 3% Count Rate Change - 25C to 177C
    • Gain Stabilization is Open Loop - Gain adjusted with Temperature
    • Nal Crystal is a Saint-Gobain with .75G5 (Active Area)
  • Directional Module

    • Meets Standard MWD Instrument Performance Model ISCWSA MWD Rev 4
    • Ruggedness - Many times higher shock ratings than delicate quartz sensors
    • 27 Solid State sensors
  • Drilling Dynamics

    • Arial/Lateral shock and vibration (counts, peak, RMS)
    • Down-hole RPM, torsional vibration
    • Transmits up to 11 different curves describing shock, vibration, RPM , and temperature with "WITS" data from rig's "EDR".
    • Custom post-run tool dumps with transmitted vs. memory curves.